Home computer desks are generally placed in bedrooms or study rooms, and this kind of computer desk is not only used to put computers in office, but we also read and study on it, so when choosing a home computer desk, we should choose reliable quality and function A complete computer desk with a slightly larger volume.

Student computer desk

Computer desks for students are generally very simple in design, but at the same time they also play the role of desks, so the desk area is required to be larger and the height should be consistent.

When you want to buy a computer desk in a dormitory, you should choose the kind of computer desk that can be folded, because there is not much space in the dormitory. If you want to use a folding computer desk, you can save space and make it more convenient to use.

Bed computer desk

The design of the bed computer desk is very simple, just like a small table for hospital patients to eat, and its desk area is limited, but fortunately it can be used on the bed.